Explosive Ordnance Logistics Reform


Monday, November 27th, 2017

Wildara is excited to announce that it will be kicking off the delivery of the $230m nationwide Explosive Ordnance Logistics Reform Program (EOLRP) Project with Jacobs Engineering having been assigned Project Manager and Contract Administrator for Project Element 4 and Project Element 5 located at Myambat Ammunition/Explosives Depot and RAAF Base Williamtown respectively.

The project will deliver new purpose-built logistics infrastructure to increase the Explosive Ordnance (EO) storage and handling capability of Joint Logistics Command.

The objectives of the proposed works are:

  • provision of increased EO storage and handling capacity
  • network rationalisation, delivering a more optimal EO network with logistics support delivered through modern, fit-for-purpose facilities
  • modernisation of the EO network, provided through new facilities delivering more optimal EO storage, processing, administration, and control and distribution capabilities and outcomes
  • greater efficiencies and enhanced service levels, delivered through improved facilities and enabling technology for optimised support to the ADF and
  • improved support to operations and training, through the addition of fit-for-purpose facilities and updated storage and processing technologies.

Wildara looks forward to working with Jacobs to  deliver a consolidated EO network with defined importation, wholesale and retail sites to ensure the ongoing operational effectiveness of the Australian Defence Force.

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